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problems in well-being & behavior?
psychotherapy for unlocking happiness


  • coping with stress in unhealthy ways
  • using food to soothe stress or feelings
  • can't stick to healthy eating patterns
  • eating disorders
  • weight problems
  • lifestyle choices contributing to health problems
  • smoking, alcohol or drug abuse
  • risky behavior
  • work-life balance difficulties
  • overspending or exposing yourself to financial problems


  • weight and body image concerns
  • eating disorders
  • smoking
  • binge drinking or alcohol abuse
  • drug abuse
  • risky behavior (e.g., unsafe driving, unsafe sex)
  • concerns about internet use


  • won’t listen to parental guidance around safety
  • learning to regulate sleeping, toilet use, or eating
  • hyperactive behavior
  • overuse of computer games creates frequent isolation
  • weight or exercise problems
  • chronic health problems
Are you experiencing problems - like those in the green bar - in coping with stress in unhealthy ways or engaging in unwanted behaviors or habits? If so, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you create the emotional and physical well-being you have always wanted for yourself.

If you are managing stress in unhealthy ways, or if your own determined efforts to change unwanted behaviors or habits haven't brought about lasting improvements, you are taking care of yourself in seeking psychotherapy to support you in making these changes. Even when you know what is best, you can't always stop doing something you know isn't good for you (e.g., emotional eating, procrastinating) or start doing something you know would be better (e.g., exercising, setting priorities and following through).


We are interested in hearing about the challenges you are encountering, and how you would like to improve your overall well-being. We can provide responsive, knowledgeble Individual Psychotherapy dedicated to helping you unlock happiness - to strengthen your genuine desire to take the best care of yourself, and as a result, enjoy an improvement in your overall well-being.


We are experienced, Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers with comfortable Independent Private Psychotherapy Practices in Downtown Chicago and Oak Park. We share a common approach to psychotherapy that was developed by leading experts in the field and has been helping people, like yourself, for over two decades.


Over and above standard broad training in a range of approaches, we have specialized training and expertise in the advances of Inner Humanism – a sophisticated, compassionate, contemporary psychotherapy that:
  • cares for you as a unique person
  • is tailored to respond to your specific problems, goals, and individual needs
  • aims to help bring about tangible, positive changes in your day to day well-being and behavior
  • aims to help simultaneously with the source of the problems to also improve your inner happiness
  • works through a natural process within a caring therapeutic relationship
  • will help you stay the course and turn inevitable, temporary setbacks into opportunities for further growth

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You can learn about our services, including Individual Psychotherapy at Types of Services. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of our approach and how they might help you, see Inner Humanism Advances - well-being & behavior. To learn about the background behind these advances, see What is Inner Humanism? – who developed it and why? (a great Chicago story) and – how does it address unhappiness and unlock happiness?You can learn about our private practices, including our full profiles and professional backgrounds at Select a Psychotherapist. To learn about other types of problems we treat, see Problems Treated.


Is your teen or child experiencing problems - like those in the green bar - that you are concerned are affecting her or his well-being? If so, we are here to help your teen or child unlock happiness - to strengthen her or his genuine desire to take the best care of herself or himself, and as a result, enjoy an improvement in her or his physical and emotional well-being.

Certain specially trained Psychotherapists offer Individual Psychotherapy suited to the developmental needs of teens and children of all ages. Parent Counseling and School Consultation are also available.