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types of services for adults, teens and children
Psychotherapists provide Individual Psychotherapy for adults and treat a wide range of problems. See Problems Treated and Inner Humanism Advances for more information. The Inner Humanism Psychotherapist you select will get to know you, the specific concerns and difficulties you experience, along with the changes you want to make. Your psychotherapy will be based entirely on the goals you set. Inner Humanism Individual Psychotherapy focuses simultaneously on both a practical level – to help you make changes in your feelings, relationships, and behavior in your daily life, and on a deeper level – to help with the source of the unhappiness while strengthening your pleasurable inner well-being.

COUPLES PSYCHOTHERAPY: All Inner Humanism Psychotherapists provide Couples Psychotherapy. A couple can receive help that is informed by the advances of Inner Humanism to address a wide range of problems in their romantic relationship. Problems often arise from different models for engaging in romantic relationships which each member brings from her or his family of origin. These different models can lead to: clashes in styles of communication, conflict over how much time to spend together, differences in what makes each person feel cared for and understood, barriers in expressing your own feelings or in meeting the other’s important needs, and problems with intimacy and parenting. You can receive help addressing these conflicts, along with help developing agreed upon ideals for conducting a more satisfying relationship. Underlying, individual issues which contribute to the relationship problems can be addressed most effectively in Individual Psychotherapy with a separate psychotherapist.

EXECUTIVE COACHING: Certain Inner Humanism Psychotherapists who specialize in Executive Coaching and Career Development can help as you seek to improve your daily work experience while striving to reach your full career potential. Your IH Executive Coach will get to know you, your career goals, the specific concerns and difficulties you experience at work, along with the changes you want to make. Coaching will focus on developing strategies that increase the likelihood of success and job satisfaction, including helping you develop important capacities like problem solving, making good decisions, leadership, team work, and follow through. An additional unique focus of Inner Humanism Executive Coaching is to help you determine when personal feelings might be interfering with your ability to carry out your work roles and duties. As you implement these improvements, you will increasingly have the freedom to make the most of rewarding career opportunities. Sometimes in the course of coaching, individuals find they want to get further help with underlying issues they and their Executive Coach have come to identify and this is available through Individual Psychotherapy.

INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR TEENS: Certain Inner Humanism Psychotherapists have specialized training to offer psychotherapy tailored to the unique developmental needs of teens as they navigate adolescence. During this stage, even in the face of having many strengths, a young person’s self-esteem can be challenged or bruised by many internal and external forces. The Inner Humanism Psychotherapist you choose to work with your teen will be especially attuned to the moods, feelings, behaviors, relationships, and academic concerns of adolescents and will identify and address the specific needs of your child. In the context of a supportive, caring therapeutic relationship, the Inner Humanism Psychotherapist will offer your teen the opportunity to work toward building a solid inner happiness. This inner happiness will become her or his foundation for making good choices and taking the very best care of himself or herself in the areas of health and safety, relationships, school, leisure, and social activities.
INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR CHILDREN: Help for children of all ages is provided by certain Inner Humanism Psychotherapists with specialized training in treating children. The Inner Humanism Psychotherapist you select for your child will help your child with specific problems she or he is having in feelings, learning, growing, behaviors, functioning at school, or in relationships. An important focus in working with young children is to provide a psychotherapeutic relationship in which the child feels valued and valuable. As the child’s self-esteem rises, so does her or his ability to navigate developmental tasks, function more effectively in daily life, become ready to learn in school, and enjoy friends.

PARENT COUNSELING: Certain Inner Humanism Psychotherapists specialize in Parent Counseling, and will work with you to help you grow in pursuing your deepest desires as a parent, namely, to provide your children with a loving, trusting parenting relationship. Your Parent Counselor will help you understand your child’s development and behavior through the contemporary parenting approach developed by the Piepers, Smart Love. The long term developmental goals and ideals of Smart Love Parenting aim at helping children to develop inner happiness, to grow up to be happy, compassionate, and responsible adults who make healthy and constructive choices when parents aren’t around, and to develop satisfying relationships with their parents and others. You can receive help in applying positive parenting strategies in day-to-day situations, such as – in helping your infant fall asleep happy, in managing your child’s immature behaviors, in helping your child develop self-regulation, in preparing her or him for school, in helping your child get along with siblings and peers, and in addressing teen issues.

SCHOOL CONSULTATION FOR PARENTS: Parents can consult with certain Inner Humanism Psychotherapists, who have specialized expertise in working in schools, to help you negotiate challenging aspects of your child’s school experience, including – choosing the right school for your child, helping your child make a good adjustment to school, helping your child enjoy learning, helping your child get along with peers and teachers, and facilitating your child’s completion of homework. Parents can receive guidance in building an alliance with school personnel when your child has difficulty learning, has behavior, social, or emotional problems at school, or has special needs. You can receive help understanding educational lingo, psychological testing procedures, special education and other services, and ways to effectively advocate for what your child needs to be happy and successful in school.

To find an INNERHUMANISM Psychotherapist who provides the type of treatment you seek, see Select An Inner Humanism Psychotherapist as well as the full Psychotherapist Profiles for information regarding specific areas of specialization.