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types of services for professionals
PSYCHOTHERAPY CONSULTATION: Many Psychologists and Social Workers, who have their own Private Practices, seek to improve their professional skills through Professional Consultation. You might want this kind of advanced, clinical training in psychotherapy for yourself to deepen your abilities in working with adults, teens, children, parents and/or teachers. Certain experienced Inner Humanism Psychotherapists are available to provide both Individual and Group Consultation to professionals at all stages of their careers. You will be able to work with a skilled clinical consultant to learn to apply the advances of Inner Humanism to improve the care you provide, and increase your professional fulfillment.

SOCIAL SERVICE AGENCY CONSULTATION: Consultation is frequently sought for an entire clinical staff working at an agency, hospital, school or other institution, as a way of uniting the staff and developing a consistent theoretical approach for providing and coordinating treatment. When the staff receives this advanced training and professional support, their clients also benefit. Certain experienced Inner Humanism Psychotherapists are available to provide Group Consultation and Individual Consultation to help staff learn to apply the advances of Inner Humanism in working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Consultation can also address the administrative challenges of working in an agency or hospital.
SCHOOL CONSULTATION FOR TEACHERS: If you are a teacher, you can receive Professional Consultation with certain Inner Humanism Psychotherapists, who have specialized expertise working in schools, to help you regulate students’ disruptive behavior, while simultaneously encouraging their constructive behavior and supporting their good feelings about themselves. You can learn to better understand students’ puzzling and/or negative behaviors, and learn how to help each child feel happier in your classroom, be more cooperative, and function closer to their potential. We can help you engage parents more effectively in the learning process, as well.

To find an INNERHUMANISM Psychotherapist who provides the type of consultation you seek, see Select An Inner Humanism Psychotherapist as well as the full Psychotherapist Profiles for information regarding specific areas of specialization.