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Are you feeling unhappy
due to recurring unpleasant
moods or painful feelings?
feelings like 
  • anxiety
  • lack of confidence
  • harsh self-criticism
  • depression
  • trusting your partner
  • communication conflicts
  • choosing the wrong partner
  • parenting problems
Are you having problems in
romantic or family relationships?
 relationship problems like
Are you feeling challenged
at work or at school?
challenges like 
  • decreased job satisfaction
  • not achieving career goals
  • conflict with superior
  • retraining and carrer change
  • anxiety about finances
  • work-life balance
  • alcohol abuse
  • weight management
Are you responding to stress in ways that
affect your well-being, or struggling with
unwanted behaviors or habits?
 behaviors like
If you are experiencing problems in any of these areas of your life, you are taking care of yourself in knowing you shouldn't have to live with this unhappiness. You can receive care aimed at unlocking happiness in helping you - feel better, build more enjoyable relationships, reach your potential, enhance your well-being and change unwanted behaviors and habits. This help is available through the advances of Inner Humanism in our Independent Psychotherapy Practices.

You can Select a Psychotherapist from among Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers profiled here. In addition to standard, broad training in a range of approaches, we have specialized training in using the advances of Inner Humanism to treat a wide array of problems in these four areas. Among our independent practices, we care for clients of all ages, enabling us to care for many of your family's needs.

To arrange a Complimentary Phone Consultation or just get answers to questions, contact any of the profiled psychotherapists directly and she or he will be happy to help you determine whether her or his services are right for you.
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